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Some examples of our repairs

Budget repair VW Golf Mk5 5 door

This family car was damaged on a narrow lane and the owner was horrified at the potential repair cost. Our approach was to carry out a high quality repair on a very tight budget by reducing the area to be painted. Rather than repaint both doors, a professional dent pull was carried out on the rear door leading edge, the scratches machine polished off the front and rear metal door skins and then finished with minor touch ins. The door strips were then flatted and repainted, then the sills received a simple coat of filler and a repaint The finished job can be seen in the photos and cost 25% of a traditional workshop repair-as well as being carried out same day during office hours. The owner simply wanted it tidied up as cheaply as possible and was amazed with the results.


Paint repair Toyota Auris

This otherwise pristine brand new car suffered minor damage on the very low leading edge of the front bumper and the owner wanted a high quality repair as quickly as possible. The car was repaired the same day to new standard in under two hours for around the cost of a tank of fuel. The owner was surprised it could be done properly and quickly for a low price and was very appreciative.


Spectrophotometer Paint Matched Panel repair: Renault Modus Dynamique

This car was purchased cheaply off ebay with some panel damage and needed work to the offside panels.

Being nine years old and an unusual colour, the standard paint colour as per Renault specification was an entirely different to the actual colour on the vehicle, so the digital paint reading spectrophotometer was used to create a perfectly matched batch of paint. The finished job is invisible: this simply would not have been possible using the paint code shown on the vehicle as the car had faded over nine years of use.


Retail preparation, paint matching and machine polishing: Citroen 2CV

This 27 year old car was showing its age and had been badly repainted in places. With the wings and one door fully repainted and a few detailing jobs carried out, the car was treated to a full machine polish and hand wax and it sold immediately.


Bumper replacement Vauxhall Vectra Diesel

This car had sustained some severe damage to the lower bumper which necessitated complete replacement, along with a number of associated parts; grilles, foglights, fixings etc. Through our extensive contacts we completed this job by sourcing a mix of salvage, pattern and genuine Vauxhall parts, expertly matching the paint colour then fitting and testing all replacement parts. The final bill for all parts, painting and labour was considerably less than the cost of just the parts from a main dealer. The great saving was passed on to the happy owner.


Panel repair: Audi A5 coupe

This car was hit while parked and the owner did not want to make an insurance claim or take time out of a busy schedule. The wing was in a poor state, being badly dented in several places and a new panel was discussed but a repair to a reasonable standard was possible at a price to suit the owner, with the works carried out during one day whilst the owner"s work carried on uninterrupted.


Bumper scuff repair: Audi A3 TDI Sport

This minor repair to this very new Audi was carried out to a high standard during the owner's working hours and the car then delivered to their place of work four hours ahead of schedule. A similar job on the next door neighbours three week old car followed after they inspected the workmanship seen on this car.


Machine polish and bespoke paint: Peugeot Warwick AutoSleeper Motorhome

This luxury camper needed some detailing, so the owner chose a full machine polish to make it look new again and after discussing the options, chose a new colour for the front panel to make it look more up-to-date and sharp.

By repainting the front surround in a more dynamic metallic dark grey, this outstanding pre-owned six year old vehicle was made to look like this years brand new model - much to the owner"s delight.


Bumper plastic repair: BMW 1 series

This car was hit while parked and the owner wanted the repair to match the original BMW quality.

The dent was pulled out after heat treatment and expert use of tools, then the panel was repaired to a high standard and repainted using the best materials. The owner could not fault the finished job and was surprised that this result could be achieved without traditional franchise bodyshop facilities.


Bumper scuff repair: Ford Mondeo

A minor scuff on this car was dealt with cost effectively and quickly at the owner"s home in a few hours. The owner was delighted with the finished job - especially the matching of the paint colour.


Budget bumper repair Vauxhall Vectra Estate

This estate car had unsightly damaged to the rear which was very noticeable but confined to the topcoat lacquer. With some expert flatting and polishing and a couple of minor touch ups, this repair was carried out cheaply and in less than one hour to the delight of the owners.


Crash repair using salvage parts: Ford Focus 5 door

This car sustained front end damage requiring a substantial repair, for which a traditional bodyshop repair quote exceeded the value of the vehicle. Our approach was simple and cost effective; to find an identical matching vehicle with rear end damage and use that as a donor vehicle for all the parts needed. Within 48 hours of quoting, the donor vehicle was located, the parts swapped over and the repair completed. As well as being less than a third of the bodyshop price, the repair was carried out extremely swiftly with the car collected after office hours, repaired overnight and returned the following day at lunch time.


Paint repair: Audi A6 Avant

This lease car was due for return and needed to be perfect for the end of lease inspection, so the busy owner booked the repair to fit in with a time he was working from home. The repair was carried out to Audi standards, using the best possible materials at the home address and the owner was pleased with the excellent results.


Lease return: Ford Focus 5 door

This car was due to be returned to the hire company after three years of hard use and the owner would have suffered a large repair bill if it had not been sorted out. The car had minor damage to virtually every panel, plus had sustained a fairly heavy impact to the rear and the owner was very concerned about the astronomical prices quoted elsewhere for rectification. We were given a very tight budget to return the car to new standard and were still able to fully repair every area of damage to the delight of the owner. This was done by sourcing a matching boot lid from an identical car and being able to carry out economical localised repairs using SMART repair techniques to all the other damaged areas. The car was repaired, polished and returned within one weekend to a very relieved owner.


Budget repair/scratch removal: Vauxhall Zafira

This car had deep hedge scratches to both sides and a scuff on the wheel arch. Working through our abrasive papers, pads and polishes, the scratches were removed and the wheel arch was improved greatly-without need for respraying-and for a very low price. The car was hand waxed and returned to a very pleased owner who had put off the repair as it looked like it would be expensive-but with just two hours and for less cost than a tank of fuel, we transformed this family car.


Budget repair: Skoda Octavia vRS

This car was damaged by a third party who contacted to ask me to carry out an urgent repair. The job was carried out the same day and our professional techniques and specialist equipment saved the client a huge amount of money and the car owner from suffering any inconvenience-the repair was carried out at their choice of time at their own home. We were able to remove very deep scratches from the headlight and panels and this saved the very high cost of replacing the complete Xenon headlamp unit and the cost of respraying any paintwork. A fast, cost effective repair which pleased both parties-without the need for an insurance claim or courtesy car.


Combined Repair on BMW 316 Compact

  • Source, paint and fit front wing
  • Remove rust spots
  • Machine polish and detailing

This 13 year old BMW was looking very tired, scratched and had ugly rust damage. We sourced the correct wing and using the paint matching spectrophotometre and software, paint readings were taken from the removed wing and adjoining bonnet and door.

The resulting colour formulation mix varied greatly from the original paint code colour due to fading down to the age of the vehicle and the match was excellent. Most repairers would have simply used the original paint code for the repair and the resulting finish would have been much darker than the adjoining panels so the wing colour would have been obviously different.

before the repair
removing the damaged wing
new and damaged wing
after the repair

Lower rear bumper repair on 2011 Mercedes C250 saloon

The owner of this brand new executive saloon was mortified when damage was caused by a low wall. We arrived to quote for the repair at 1pm and we able to complete the repair by 3:30pm. The customer was surprised and delighted with the efficient outcome and high quality repair at a fraction of the main dealer price.

damaged bumper
repaired bumper

Fire damage bumper repair on Nissan X-Trail

The bumper on this vehicle was in close proximity to a very high temperature which caused extensive damage and deformation of the plastics. The customer was advised that although a new bumper was advisable a reasonable repair could be completed which would improve the appearance of the vehicle. The customer was very pleased with the dramatic result

damaged bumper
repaired bumper

Retail preparation/periodic refurbishment on a Peugeot 205d

  • Machine polish
  • Stone chip and paint touch ins
  • Replace broken light unit complete
  • Numerous minor repairs to trim and panels
  • Glass degreasing and rain repellant treatment
damaged bumper
scratched wheelarch
wheelarch finished
bumper finished/machine polished

Combined repair on BMW 318 D

  • Bumper renovations (back and front)
  • Repair trim piece
  • Scratch removal
damaged bumper
scratched boot
bumper finished
scratches removed

Citroen C5 Airdream Tourer

This car was due to be returned but would have incurred a large financial penalty from the lease company without numerous works to undo years of hard use.

Extensive driving along unmade roads and use as a load-lugger for exhibitions had taken its toll and the car was covered in damage which would have been picked up and charged for by the fleet owner on return.

Within a weekend, the car had two panels repaired and repainted, a wheel scuff repaired and the paintwork which had been worn down to matt after endless abrasion from trees and bushes was restored by a thorough machine polish and some expert touch-ins. A thorough interior clean, glass cleaning and plastics dressing followed until the car looked like it had just arrived from the lease company again.

Our charges for this were in the region of 70% less than would have been charged for the lease company for the same works, so represented excellent value for the client, who were highly impressed by the result and immediately booked in another of their fleet cars to be dealt with.

damaged trim
scratched alloy
all finished
alloys sorted

Mini Cooper S R56

A good example of how our approach works is the repair procedure for this car, which had frontal damage after a horse kicked it. The owner of the horse did not want to claim on their insurance and asked the car owner to submit quotes to them direct. The owner wanted the car back to perfect condition, but wanted to be fair with the other party and after understanding the circumstances our approach was to quote for a first class repair using salvaged parts rather than new wherever possible.

Our quote was less than half the price of the other companies and both parties were happy to proceed. We sourced the correct parts through our contacts and quality checked them on arrival, then arranged to start the repair which was carried out efficiently without the need for a courtesy car.

The owner was absolutely delighted with the results and the horse owner was very pleased to resolve the matter quickly at a sensible price.

damaged bumper
scratched boot
bumper finished
scratches removed

Combined repair on Honda CRV

  • Bumper Corner Scuff
  • Stone Chips
bumper corner and stone chip touch-ups
bumper corner and stone chip repaired

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