Bayern Munich women’s team is going through a complete overhaul : WomensSoccer

Bayern Munich women’s team is going through a complete overhaul : WomensSoccer

Looks like the women’s team will be going through a complete overall. I think they have said they will sign a few more players too.

In the sign of the attack. One year after the biggest change so far, the next follows: This is how FC Bayern wants to implement the plan to continuously win titles with its Women’s Bundesliga players.

A year ago, FC Bayern Munich had one of its greatest changes for the women’s team, combining Jens Scheuer as the new coach, as well as nine departures and seven additions. It has been official since Tuesday that there will be another major change in personnel, which is characterized by the attack.

Bayern’s sporting director Bianca Rech announced in April that a lot of new staff would come, “with one or two transfers that will surprise – we want to attack”. Rech and manager Karin Danner are pursuing the plan to win titles nationally after the 2015 and 2016 championships and to further establish the club internationally – in order to remain promising in the transfer market.

How ambitious Rech and Danner are pursuing their project has already been shown by approaches such as Giulia Gwinn, Carolin Simon and Linda Dallmann, who recently stood out particularly. If it has become more difficult to attract top international stars to the Bundesliga, who usually prefer to move to England, Spain or France, Bavaria wants to be the first address for German internationals. Klara Bühl (SC Freiburg) and Lea Schüller (Essen) should ensure a high goal rate and Marina Hegering (Essen) ensure stability on the defensive. In addition, there is the Austrian midfielder Sarah Zadrazil (Turbine Potsdam) – as well as internationally known names in the Swedish World Cup third Hanna Glas (Paris Saint Germain) and the third best scorer in the French first division Viviane Asseyi (FC Girondins Bordeaux).

Players who left Bayern Munich

  • Melanie Leupolz (Chelsea LFC)

  • Mandy Islacker (1. FC Cologne)

  • Dominika Škorvánková (Montpellier HSC)

  • Nicole Rolser (End of career)

  • Kathrin Hendrich (VfL Wolfsburg)

  • Verena Schweers (not yet known)

  • Emily Gielnik (not yet known)

  • Jacintha Weimar (not yet known)

Players who joined Bayern Munich

  • Viviane Asseyi (FC Girondins Bordeaux)

  • Hanna Glas (Paris Saint Germain)

  • Sarah Zadrazil (1st FFC Turbine Potsdam)

  • Klara Bühl (SC Freiburg)

  • Marina Hegering (SGS Essen)

  • Lea Schüller (SGS Essen)

  • Julia Pollak (FC Bayern Munich II)

  • Maria Luisa Grohs (FC Bayern Munich II)

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