Beckham and Class of 92 Cheer Salford to Victory

Beckham and Class of 92 Cheer Salford to Victory

Salford were cheered on today by David Beckham and the class of 92.

Playing against AFC Fylde for a place in the football league, the Salford players knew what was at stake and they soaked up the pressure magnificently.

The United legends and now co owners cheered on their club ecstatically and the Neville brothers, Ryan Giggs and Nicky Butt were not disappointed, as they saw Salford reach league two for the first time in their history.

A jubilant Gary Neville spoke after the game and stated,

“We said we would do it in eight seasons, which we thought was quite aggressive, but once we got momentum we thought, ‘Just go with it’.

The Neville’s and the Class of 92 have put their all into the club since they took over in 2014. They are clearly ambitious and eager to continue to move the club forward.

The Salford manager was equally happy and talking to stated.;

“I’m so delighted for everyone that’s seen this club rise”.


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