David Beckham’s Inter Miami will identify and recruit some of the best players around to compete for the MLS title in their opening season.

According to reports, Beckham is looking to sign some Premier League legends for his side which could include Gary Cahill and Antonio Valencia.

The Independent, have reported that the MLS side are looking into signing some experienced English players for the team and with David Beckham’s contact list he is sure to be able to attract some of the finest players around.

Co-owner Jorge Mas has spoken about the clubs dealings in the transfer market and speaking he said;

“I think you will see if you look at our young signings, we’ve made substantial investments in them, we’re going to couple them with players who have played in Europe who are very well known”.

Cahill and Valencia are free agents after being released from their prospective clubs after their contracts to expired.

They were both class acts for their teams having won league titles and making over 1000 league appearances between them.

It would be an exciting proposition for both players to try something new and both would bring a wealth of experience to the club.

Robbie Keane, Frank Lampard and David Beckham are just some of the Premier League legends who tried their look in the USA and with Wayne Rooney making footballing headlines, more experienced players could capitalise on the experience the MSL would bring.

It is an exciting development for Beckham who has seen his ambition to own a club come to fruition more than a decade after making his own MSL transfer.

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