Big woso weekend in europe : WomensSoccer

Big woso weekend in europe : WomensSoccer

Several notable things happening around europe this weekend.


Final weekend in Norway’s Toppserien. LSK Kvinner already won it, but there’s two teams (Klepp and Vålerenga) who can get second, and thus a champions league qualifying spot. Top goalscorer is also up for grabs, as two players, Synne Sofie Jensen (Røa) and Kennya Cordner (Sandviken), have 16 goals each! They play each other this weekend!


OL vs PSG in D1F. OL had a surprise draw a few weeks back, which gave PSG the upper hand before this match, but then PSG went and did the same… they’re equal on points ahead of this match.

A shame that D1F have no international streams available. This match is on Canal+, a paytv channel. Shady streams might be found somewhere… can also be watched on OLTV the day after.


The strike begins at midnight today, which complicates a few things. First, it’s not known wheter or not all players will strike. A few teams will be travelling today because they’ve not started striking yet. Do they leave striking players at home and bring enough to play or …

Earlier today, GOL’s schedule listed one match for saturday and one for sunday. Now, they’ve been removed.


It’s the Pokal! Round of 16, and the two big ones meet already! Bayern vs Wolfsburg on Saturday at 14 CET. It’s on TV/stream too (BR / NDR) – may need VPN.


FA’s big women’s football “weekend” during the international break for the men, but all matches are not only on sunday, but they’re all on at the same time, or partly overlapping…

Biggest match is probably Chelsea vs Manchester United, and of course the two derbies, Tottenham vs Arsenal and Liverpool vs Everton.

All matches are on FA Player. Man City vs West Ham also on BBC, and Tottenham – Arsenal on BT sport (audio only on FA player for brits, video for rest of the world)


Ok, not europe, but the W-League started on thursday, and the first round finishes up sunday morning european time.

The big match is Sydney FC vs Melbourne Victory. The reigning champions vs reigning Premiers!

If you’re in USA, some matches are on ESPN+. If you are in UK, some matches are on BT sport.

See list of geoblocked countries of the thursday match.

If your country does not have a tv deal, you can watch it on youtube (or use a VPN…)

Did I miss anything interesting? Let me know…

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