Champions League Build Up: Red and White Descend on Madrid

Champions League Build Up: Red and White Descend on Madrid

With just over 24 hours to go until the Champions League final begins 100,000 football fans have descended in Madrid.

Two very English greats of footballing pedigree meet in the first all-English final in the tournament for 11 years with Liverpool hoping to revenge their Champions League defeat of last year.

Temperatures are reported to be hot in Madrid. Thirty degree temperatures are expected over the weekend with a holiday carnival atmosphere being by both set of supporters in the city.

Eric Cantona has also got in on the act urging fans to be “more cultured” ahead of Saturdays Final (London Evening Standard).

Jurgen Klopp masks, half-and-half scarfs and specially made banners could all be seen among the Spurs and Liverpool supporters setting up camp in Plaza Mayor, one of the city’s main tourist attractions.

The game between Liverpool and Tottenham has the potential to be one of the Champions Leagues greatest games.

Both fans expect much and ticketless fans are reported to be willing to part with £10,000 to watch the action unfold (Daily Mail)

Whatever the outcome of the match on June 1st, both Liverpool and Tottenham have covered themselves in glory by reaching the final.

Their route to the final has not been easy and they have made the nation proud.

Betting predictions for the winning team are in with some bookies placing Spurs at 25/1 for a win and Liverpool the favourites with 10/1.

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