Concentrated beetroot juice boosts muscle power relevant to footballers – new research suggests

Concentrated beetroot juice boosts muscle power relevant to footballers – new research suggests

New independent research from Spain strongly supports the notion that drinking two concentrated beetroot juice shots before training, can significantly enhance muscle power, relevant to team-based sports such as football.

In a random, double-blind placebo-controlled test, 18 physically active males (average age 23) consumed just two 7cl Beet It Sport Nitrate 400 (nitrate-rich beetroot) shots, or placebo (nitrate-depleted) shots, 2.5 hours before training. Testing sessions comprised of four sets of eight maximal half-squat repetitions, with muscle power tested during concentric and eccentric muscle contractions.

Results showed that compared to placebo shots, those who consumed Beet It improved their muscle power production by a staggering 15-25%. Such findings are highly relevant to footballers, who are required to endure multiple bouts explosive power production to accelerate, decelerate and sprint during a match.

Jonathan Cartwright, Beet It Sport specialist, commented: “These results are very exciting! – football players would typically train for 6-7 weeks to achieve a 25-30% improvement in muscle power output, so it is remarkable that a similar

improvement can be achieved from drinking just two of our little Nitrate 400 shots 2.5hrs before training – they say you can’t buy more power, but you can now!” he continued: “Top football teams have been purchasing our Beet It Sport shots for many years now – unbeknown to many, Beet It Sport is one of the secrets of the Premier League!”.

Beet It Sport shots are used by leading research teams worldwide investigating the performance benefits of using beetroot juice as a natural source of nitrate supplementation. This is because they deliver a consistent standard dose of 400mg naturally derived nitrate and because Beet It can also supply a nitrate depleted “placebo” to enable high quality double blind research to be achieved.

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