England Lionesses Ready For Success

England Lionesses Ready For Success

England manager Phil Neville has made major changes to his team in the past 18 months of his involvement.

The England lionesses have improved due to his change in attitude, philosophy and professionalism both on and off the pitch.

Neville Has Values

Phil, his twin sister and brother Gary have been blessed with the characteristics of hard work, motivation and determination.

Any professional in any sector in the world would merit from these attributes and the women players have sparkled under his leadership.

From day one, I’ve treated them with respect,” Neville says. “Every single day of the week when they’re at home, they can do whatever they want. I trust them to behave in a certain way.

They go to the training ground, they’re intense, they’re in this little bubble – then they can switch off, free to go out and eat whatever they want, go wherever they want, meet their friends.

Neville has treated his team like adults and has incorporated a family atmosphere at the camp for those that need it while they are away.

The World Cup will be a tense occasion for all those there and never before has the game been in the spotlight the way it currently is.


The squad needs to be relaxed and focussed on the job at hand and Neville says;

“ After most training [and] games, there’s going to be time for them to relax, to go and see their mum, their dad, just to switch off.

The games will be that intense and the expectation that great, they’ll just need to be treated like adults.”

Neville clearly understands the role as England manager and knows how to treat the players right.

Neville had an indifferent international career himself and possibly being mistreated by the England set up he knows that family is the biggest factor for players and a sense of camaraderie and togetherness in the group.

Neville has been rewarded by the players as having the former Man United player has brought a feeling of professionalism into the female game.

Having played with some fine players such as David Beckham and Paul Scholes the Lionesses seem to be thriving the esteem of having a manager of serious pedigree.

The players are clearly responding and giving him more. All they need to do now is go out there and play well.

Their first game kicks off today at 8pm.

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