England Women World Cup Boost

England Women World Cup Boost


Some of our nations greatest celebrities read out the included England squad members for summer World Cup.

The humble and low key team are now to become global superstars as the PR team surrounding them embark on making them a recognisable presence.

“We inspire by making things visible,” Neville said. “The announcements (by celebrities) have made my players visible.

“We’ve tried to keep our players humble over the last 12 months, but today’s a day to shout it from the rooftops to reward their efforts and sacrifices.” (www.espn.co.uk)

The FA seem to be trying a different approach to announcing world cup squads and by engaging a younger audience it is hoped they can appeal to boys, girls, men and women.

With a huge social media presence and approximately 150 million followers world wide, the team will be gain support from not just the UK..

The reach of Twitter and Facebook is global and the public announcement is part of the FA drive to grow the women’s game.

Www.espn.co.uk reports that Neville says;

“Forget England, there’s a bigger picture,”

“It’s going to be the greatest, biggest Women’s World Cup of all time and I hope that when young boys, girls, males, females, adults watch it, I want them to feel like they want to go and watch a WSL game the next week, or buy a kit or take their daughter to a game”.


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