Football betting – tipps & strategy

Football betting – tipps & strategy

If you are thinking about sports betting, you will mostly be thinking about football betting. By far the most bets worldwide are placed on this sport.
This is hardly surprising, as football has one of the most important conditions for successful sports betting for most sports fans: expertise. But this is not the only basis for profitable football betting. We present a few tips to help you get the most out of sports betting on football.

Collect statistics

We have already mentioned the expertise. This includes, for example, knowledge of both participating teams and the league or cup competition. Up-to-date information such as injuries to key players is just as important as collecting statistics. Here you have to distinguish between the so-called “head-to-head” statistics, which show how the two teams have historically performed against each other. The other important values concern the current form of the teams. How were the last home and away matches? How many goals were scored and conceded? On, for example, you can find previews of many games in various competitions, which always include the most important statistics.

Do not rely on feelings

Since such information is especially available for the big leagues like the Bundesliga, Premier League or Serie A, another tip follows: Do not bet on unknown competitions. Even if sometimes the 2nd league of Finland is perhaps the only one with ongoing matches, one should be careful with bets here and rather wait until there are odds on a more known league.
The more information, the better. Feelings, for example because you are a fan of a team, should not guide you in football betting. A good tip to check whether a bet is worthwhile is to get betting tips from sports betting sites or apps. They give you a first impression of whether you are right in your own assessment.
However, you should not blindly follow betting tips that you find online. Only if clearly visible professional reasons and statistics have been used as a basis can a good recommendation be assumed. Many tipsters simply create automated tips on the lower odds.

Find the right betting market

In order to use the statistics and information sighted profitably, it is still necessary to find the appropriate betting market. The classic 1X2 market, i.e. betting on home wins, draws or away wins, is still the most popular. But other options are often more worthwhile. For example, a handicap bet can change the tip on a favourite from a minimal to high odds. Depending on the competition, there are also betting markets that are particularly suitable. In the Dutch Eredivisie, for example, many goals are traditionally scored, as all teams want to play offensively. In Italy’s series, on the other hand, they tend to play defensively. Over/under bets on the total number of goals scored in a match are therefore a good idea.

Compare odds

If you are well equipped with statistics and have decided on a betting market, the question of where to place your money still arises. Because the next piece of advice for football betting is: compare odds. It is not always advisable to bet with only one betting provider. Good odds are often overlooked. We therefore recommend that you always consult comparison sites where you can see at a glance which betting provider has the best odds for a tip.

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