Skye Stewart founded Black Country Fusion FC, the first LGBTI+ inclusive team to enter a non-gay league in the West Midlands.

It started as a way for Stewart to be more involved in sport, but more crucially as a way by which members of the LGBT community in particular in the Wolverhampton area could get into playing football.

Stewart has just been named in Lucozade Sport’s inaugural Movers List – a list of 50 individuals whose volunteering, charity work or dedication to sport and exercise is inspiring local communities to move more.

“I shied away from sport when I was younger because of my gender identity. I didn’t feel comfortable being involved in it and for a long time I didn’t feel the sports opportunities local to me really were for me,” said Stewart.

“I feel I’m part of something that’s genuinely inspiring people who once shared my reluctance to sports to now get into football and other activities. I believe that to get more active you often need to overcome mental as well as physical barriers too – but when you do the rewards are massive.”

The open-minded football club has gone on to establish a female team and a veteran’s team for men over 35.

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