Frauen Bundesliga – final match day streaming/information : WomensSoccer

Frauen Bundesliga – final match day streaming/information : WomensSoccer

Both the league and relegation battle comes down to the final day of the season. If Bayern win they win the league, if they lose and Wolfsburg win then WOB get the title. If Bayern draw and Wolfsburg win by 23 goals then Wolfsburg win the league.

Matchday Schedule:

All games start at 14:00 CEST|08:00 ET|13:00 BST

Turbine Potsdam vs SGS Essen
MSV Duisburg vs TSG Hoffenheim
SC Sand vs Bayer 04 Leverkusen (Relegation decider)
SC Freiburg vs SV Meppen (Relegation decider)
VFL Wolfsburg vs Werder Bremen (Possible title decider)
Bayern Munich vs Eintracht Frankfurt (Possible title decider)

Games 1-4 will be streamed on DFB tv
Bayern/Frankfurt will be streamed on Eurosport DE on Joyn (VPN), USA Goals
Wolfsburg/Bremen is apparently only on Magenta TV, but may also crop up on USA Goals

All links and information above from the wonderfully helpful lea-schuller on Tumblr

SC Sand are a point above SV Meppen, with a slightly worse goal difference (Sand are at -33, Meppen at -31). Meppen need to win and hope that Sand don’t in order to stay up.

Turbine Potsdam can sneak the final Champions League spot if they win, Hoffenheim don’t, and Turbine get a 24 goal swing in goal difference. (I’m personally hoping they don’t, because I think the failure will help ex-player Tabea Kemme win the vote for Club President later this month.)

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