Fruit Slot Machine Cheats That Work

Fruit Slot Machine Cheats That Work

Disclaimer: we do not condone any of the following methods of cheating on the slots. It’s probably not worth getting arrested for theft, but having said that, it is pretty interesting to find out how it can be done, so here we take a look at some of the most effective ways to cheat on the promotion slots.

Shaved or Fake Coins

On older slots, cheating punters used a couple of different tricks that would allow them to be able to spin the reels while having their coin returned to them. They could do this unlimited times and effectively play for free, sometimes cashing out large amounts of money with no stake in the first place. Pretty sneaky.

One of these was to ‘shave’ coins down to the perfect size that would tick the mechanisms of the machine to allow the coin to slide right through but also activate the reels. The other method would have been to just create fake coins that did the same trick.

Now that slots often use lasers to detect coins, this may prove a little trickier. We’re not sure if this is still possible, but if it were then it could be a pretty lucrative albeit illegitimate way to play slots.

The Light Wand

Invented by notorious casino cheater Tommy Glenn Carmichael, the light wand was a device that would trick the optical sensors of a slot machine into thinking that coins were being presented when really they weren’t. Tommy and his gang would place these devices in a whole bunch of different slots and sit and play for free all day long until they won the big bucks. In fact, they did this for decades until Tommy was eventually caught and arrested in the ‘90s, having already stolen millions of dollars from various casinos.

Replacing the Computer Chip

The slot cheat to take the most money in history was Dennis Nikrasch. One of the more technically complex operations in slot cheating history landed Nikrasch an incredible $16,000,000 over a period of 22 years. To do this, he simply broke into various slots and replaced the computer chips so that they would pay out for him when he played. This is probably one of the more efficient methods of all, and the total amount Nikrasch stole reflects this, but also certainly requires the highest level of expertise, so probably isn’t for everyone, or anyone else perhaps…

Last Thoughts on Slot Machine Cheats

We don’t tend to see or hear about as many notorious slot machine cheat heists these days compared to several decades ago. There could be a few reasons for this, including that anti-theft technology in the slot machines has increased to a point where it’s just too difficult to steal anything anymore, or that criminals are getting away with it more frequently… They could also simply be moving into the world of online slots to play out their tricks through hacking as has been reported from time-to-time.

It’s not for us personally… but interesting to hear about nonetheless.

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