Get Berkshire Active campaign to improve underprivileged families’ physical and mental well-being opens up for donations

Get Berkshire Active campaign to improve underprivileged families’ physical and mental well-being opens up for donations

Hosted on The Good Exchange platform, any donations from the public towards the ‘Healthy Active Me’ programme will be doubled through match-funding


Today, Get Berkshire Active is launching its ‘Healthy Active Me’, fundraising appeal to help underprivileged young people and families in Berkshire improve their physical and mental health by boosting activity levels. Get Berkshire Active is partnering with Sport England and online fundraising platform The Good Exchange to raise crucial funds to support three key elements of the programme – physical activity kit bags to be sent to disadvantaged families, “Fit, Fed and Read Camps” which children can attend, and subsidised Sport and Physical activity sessions.


Sport England’s match funding promise means every donation to the fundraising appeal on The Good Exchange from the public and grants from funders will be doubled. If they reach their target and raise £100,000, 11,000 disadvantaged young people and families would receive physical activity kit bags, 720 young people in food poverty can benefit from 6 “Fit, Fed and Read” camps for 6 weeks, and around £23,000 would be available to subsidise charges for physical activities for those who struggle to afford it across the region.


School closures, lockdown and furlough/job losses as a result of COVID-19 have placed increased strain on vulnerable sections of society and concerns are mounting about the well-being of young people in particular. ‘Healthy Active Me’ aims to aid the recovery from their experiences of the ongoing crisis.

Physical activity is proven to improve pupils’ schoolwork, behaviour and mental health. In a recent survey by Sport England, 71% of young people reported that being physically active improves their mood.


In her report, Childhood in the Time of COVID, Children’s Commissioner for England Anne Longfield OBE said physical activity was critical for transforming the lives of vulnerable children, adding, “Before the pandemic 2.2 million children in England were living in households affected by any of the so-called ‘toxic trio’ of family issues: domestic abuse, parental drug and/or alcohol dependency, and severe parental mental health issues. These numbers are likely to have swelled, fuelled by families locked down in close quarters for weeks and months, and an emerging economic crisis adding pressures on family finances.”


Brett Nicholls, CEO Get Berkshire Active, said, “We are delighted to be working with Sport England in providing support to our most vulnerable young people during this difficult time. Children are the future, and every child deserves to have an equal chance at that future. Being physically active and involved in sport helps promote resilience, teamwork and leadership and supports both physical and mental well-being. Unfortunately, through no fault of their own, not all children get that equal chance but with your help and support we can make a big difference in the lives of some of our most vulnerable children.”


“The capability to offer match funding to donors, funders and fundraisers is one of the key differentiators of The Good Exchange and we are delighted that Get Berkshire Active has chosen to use the platform to help it raise the money needed to improve the region’s wellbeing over these times of crisis,” added Chris Boulton, CEO, Greenham Trust and The Good Exchange. “Every pound donated, raised or given as grants to this campaign will be doubled which will in turn help lower income families across Berkshire to benefit equally from physical activities that will improve mental health, self-esteem and resilience. We’d also love to see local businesses getting involved by fundraising or donating to the get the ‘Healthy Active Me’ campaign.” To find out more about Get Berkshire Active and how to donate to ‘Healthy Active Me’, visit their fundraising page, here.


‘Healthy Active Me’ will provide:

Physical activity kit bags

Designed to help young people and their families to be more active, the bags contents will be tailored to meet the particular needs of the young people they are supporting. Example items include bean bags, a hula hoop, a skipping rope, and a pedometer. The instruction card will also have links to local clubs and sessions that so young people know where to go to access activity outside their homes.


A donation of £11 would provide one at-home activity pack.


Fit, Fed and Read Camps

The region’s children most in need face a challenging time during the school holidays with disruptions to their usual routine, lack of disposable income in households, food poverty, and lack of transport. Each session of the Fit, Fed and Read Camps during the Easter and School Summer holidays (4 days per week, 4 hours per day) would aim to support 20 disadvantaged young people and their families.


The diverse range of physical activities at these camps will be paired with the provision of nutritious food and cookery sessions where children and parents could learn about healthy foods and how to make cheap, nutritious recipes. Get Berkshire Active will also partner with education providers to provide academic support to ensure that the education gap does not widen across socio-economic divides. Parents and siblings will be able to go to these sessions so that they benefit too.


A donation of £93 would allow one disadvantaged young person and their family to attend one week of Fit, Fed and Read camp.


Reduced charges for Sport and Physical activity sessions

Following on from the first two schemes this element helps to integrate these vulnerable young children into their local community allowing them to take part in local leisure activities alongside their friends. Funding will be given directly to providers to enable them to offer spaces to the targeted children at a reduced price.


The more money raised the more children can be supported.

Get Berkshire Active (GBA)

Get Berkshire Active is one of 43 Active Partnerships in England promoting the benefits of sport and physical activity. Get Berkshire Active is a Charity and works with sporting and non-sporting partners across the County to increase the number of people of all ages and abilities taking part in sport and physical activity. We are very grateful to Sport England who support us financially.


Find out more at ‘like’ us on Facebook @GetBerkshireActive; or follow us on Twitter @GetBerksActive.


About The Good Exchange

The Good Exchange is a not-for-profit fundraising platform which makes it easy for charitable organisations to raise money through Greenham Trust, grants from other funders, and donations from the general public. As the only platform to bring together grant-making, donations, charitable projects and fundraising in one place, the automated matching system with its simple single on-line application form has revolutionised charitable giving in its local area, making it more accessible, transparent and collaborative.

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