Harley Street Physiotherapy Clinic creates lockdown tailored service

Harley Street Physiotherapy Clinic creates lockdown tailored service

London’s leading Tecar centre, ALO Physiotherapy Clinic, is thriving during lockdown, with a new treatment programme launched aimed at home workers.

Working from home brings new bouts of aches and pains as working practices are altered during the COVID pandemic. The Clinic, based in the world-renowned Harley Street, has remained open throughout lockdown to continue providing essential care to those who are suffering as a result of home-made work stations and a new sedentary lifestyle.

Tecar is an energy technology delivered by physiotherapists that promotes faster functional recovery.

Andre De Oliveira, the clinic’s founder, has announced the birth of a new treatment: Premium Restorative Therapy.

The new form of Physiotherapy, offered exclusively by Andre, boasts a combination of programmes, therapies, and treatments – all with individual targeted areas of recovery for your body. It has been specifically created for lockdown and home working – with Andre and the team keen to raise awareness that prevention is better than cure.

“We saw the second lockdown as an opportunity to offer something that no-one else is providing – something that we believe our bodies truly need at a time like this,” he said. “Each person is unique and this is also true of our bodies, this is why we created a tailored to you, bespoke service that anyone can benefit from during this lock-down.”

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ALO Physiotherapy Clinic can be contacted on: 0207 636 8845 or visit: https://alo-physiotherapy.co.uk/

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