ROY KEANE showed no signs of forgiveness as his latest outburst of Sir Alex Ferguson sent shockwaves through Manchester United fans. On a Q&A tour with Gary Neville it was Keane who cut loose on his former manager, accusing him of not always doing the best for the club during his time in charge.

TheUnited legend and Neville appeared on stage in an Off The Ball roadshow in Dublin and clearly was in no mood to hold back.

Keane said:

Ferguson came out afterwards and said he always did what was best by Manchester United. Nonsense.

His son Darren played for the club and won a league medal, very lucky.

“His brother was the chief scout for Manchester United for a long time,

I’m surprised his wife wasn’t involved in the staff somewhere.

“Darren was [the manager] at Preston North End and lost his job.

He had a couple of young players on loan from Manchester United. Guess what happens the next day?

“They’re pulled out of Preston. Is that doing the best forManchester United? Do me a favour.”

The relationship between the two greats of the club is still clearly soured and I’m unsure if it can ever be rectified. Keane clearly believes he should have an apology but he shouldn’t hold his breath.

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