Leanne Davies set up a small Facebook group after struggling to keep to fixed commitments or structured running times after a second baby. It began as three women, and six years later, the award winning community Run Mummy Run has reached over 62,000 members. 

Davies has just been named in Lucozade Sport’s inaugural Movers List – a list of 50 individuals whose volunteering, charity work or dedication to sport and exercise is inspiring local communities to move more.

“After having my second baby I was struggling to keep to my running arrangements or make it to my local club. The times were early evening around children’s bedtimes and if my husband was working late it wouldn’t work. I decided to set up a small Facebook group of three women. Six years on we have proudly reached over 62,000 members. My children were my motivation to keep on running, I wanted them to see that it’s part of a weekly routine and a normal thing to do, our running community is an inspiration too. Many women are going through some incredibly tough times in their lives, yet they still manage to lace up and get out there.”

“My aim now is for Run Mummy Run to impact the life of every woman that steps into our community in a positive way to empower them to lead happier and healthier lives through running.”

For more information and to find local facilities and classes to move more, visit http://www.lucozadesport.com/the-movers-list