Leanne Pero, 34, founded The Movement Factory in 2004 at the age of 15 to create lasting community impact and change through her love of dance. Since its foundation, it has inspired over 500,000 young people to move.

Pero has just been named in Lucozade Sport’s inaugural Movers List – a list of 50 individuals whose volunteering, charity work or dedication to sport and exercise is inspiring local communities to move more.

“Dance has always been a huge expressional tool for me, especially when I went through some really tough stuff as a teen. I went through sexual abuse at a really young age but all through it was dance that really helped me, just having an escape, a place that I could go to express myself freely, to be creative in myself and in my body. The act of dance, the production of endorphins helped me feel better about myself.”

“Realising how it benefitted me was enough for me to start my own dance company when I was 15 and to bring people together from all backgrounds with community at its heart.

For more information and to find local facilities and classes to move more, visit http://www.lucozadesport.com/the-movers-list