Liverpool Defeat Tottenham in a Lacklustre Champions League Final

Liverpool Defeat Tottenham in a Lacklustre Champions League Final

Liverpool beat Tottenham last night to secure their 6th major European Cup. Goals from Mohamed Salah and Divock Origi confirmed victory for the mighty reds to ensure that their glorious season would not go trophy less.

Manager Jurgen Klopp said that winning the Champions League was the

“best night of our professional lives”

The German man had been so unsuccessful in his previous 7 finals that some might say another loss could be his ruin but thanks to an early gift (penalty) and a late strike by Origi it would ensure that Klopp would have his night and collect his first major trophy since his arrival in 2015.

“Did you ever see a team like this, fighting with no fuel in the tank? I am so happy for the boys, all these people and my family. They suffer for me, they deserve it more than anybody,” he said.

“It was an intense season with the most beautiful finish I ever could have imagined.”

Liverpool, who lost last season’s final to Real Madrid, finished on 97 points in this season’s Premier League, but finished second to Manchester City.

A bitter blow to swallow when a team plays so well and still comes up short. Klopp arrived at the post-match news conference holding a beer and said he was full of joy.

“We’ll celebrate together, we’ll have a sensational night,”

“I feel mostly relief, relief for my family. The last six times we flew on holiday with only a silver medal it didn’t feel too cool.

“Tonight was a big challenge for both teams to deal with the three weeks with no game. The final is about the result and tonight the boys showed the resilience we needed. I don’t want to explain why we won it, I only want to enjoy that we won it.”

Liverpool should bask in the glory that success in the biggest club competition in the world brings. After their loss to Real Madrid in last years final they certainly have earned the right to bask in the glory the trophy brings.

Liverpool’s title parade around the city starts at around 4pm today and thousands are expected to line the street to welcome the team home.

(2005 Liverpool Victory Parade)

“Tonight is really emotional, but I’m much calmer than I thought,” said Klopp.
“It wasn’t important for me to touch the cup. I loved seeing the boys having it and seeing some faces in the crowd. Going to Liverpool tomorrow with something to celebrate is big and I’m really looking forward to that.”


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