Maidenhead United Reward Loyal Supporters

Maidenhead United Reward Loyal Supporters

With news of The Premier League proposing a rescue package of a further £50m for clubs in League One and League Two, smaller teams further down in the league table are left wondering how they are going to survive.

National League team, Maidenhead United, has decided to launch a membership benefit programmewhich they are hoping will help fill the void left by Covid, asSianLancaster, Partnership Manager of the club explains: “We were already looking into customer loyalty programmes for our season ticket holders to celebrate our 150thanniversary, then the pandemic happened and we had to close our doors.”

Maidenhead United are one of only a handful of clubs that can trace their origins as far back as 1870 and this season marks a significant milestone for the Magpies. A programme of celebrations is planned to mark the occasion, although some of those may have to be delayed because of coronavirus.

“We’re very proud of our club and our supporters who have stood by us every step of the way through what has been a very difficult year for everyone. We wanted to give something back to our members, while also looking after the club and making sure it’s still here in another 150 years.”

“Season ticket income is a key part of the life blood of the club and there is no doubt that we now needed our supporters to get behind the club to help us through these challenging times by purchasing season tickets” We came up with a new solution that provided flexibility and choice but also rewarded our supporters too during our 150th Anniversary year and launched our Gold and Silver Membership, where as a 150 Club member it included a 12 month membership to the 150 Rewards Programme”

“Members can save money every time they go to the cinema, shop for groceries or go to the local gym. We’ve tried to involve as many local businesses as we can in this so it’s helping as many people as possible in our community.”Members simply add an app to their phones where they can access local discounts, a free gift every month, and on joining, a holiday for two.

The app comes from loyalty experts, Orangutan, the Head of Customer Loyalty and Membership Programmes, Tim Peniston-Bird, has seen a huge uptake in customer loyalty programmes this year as he explains: “When businesses aren’t sure exactly how much revenue is going to come in and when, they start looking for other solutions, and membership programmes are a really effective way of not just looking after your business, but your customers too.

Siancontinues: “Another massive benefit to this customer loyalty app is that we can spread a bit of good news to our supporters each month with the free gifts and discounts, It’s a great way for us to give back to our amazing supporters.”

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