Tired of your old, bulky, boring boiler? Does it stand out like a sore thumb and not fit in with the rest of the home decor? Well now, there might be a solution…One company is offering to pimp your boiler with its new boiler cases. Adorn your boiler with the strip of your favourite football team, or pay homage to your favourite movie. Maybe cats and dogs are more your thing, or a picture of your loved one to warm up the home?

According to Boiler Guide’s website, the new boiler covers promise to ‘turn an everyday appliance into a work of art’ and ‘a thing of beauty’ allowing you to ‘express your style and interests’.

Some examples of the new boiler cases include:


David Holmes, founder of Boiler Guide which has launched the initiative, explained the inspiration behind the product:


“We’ve wanted to launch this for a long time, we work with boilers every day and we aren’t strangers to the fact that they aren’t the most aesthetically pleasing. You can step into a beautiful home, decorated to perfection, but the boiler will always remain the same.


“This is why we have launched the product, it’s for those that want to have a bit of fun in their home and make their boiler something to be proud of, it heats up the home and keeps us warm, so why not show it some love?”


Prices for the cases begin at £24.99 and can be found here to order in time for Christmas parties.

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