[Mayca Jiménez Durillo] What is happening in Spanish women’s football? : WomensSoccer

[Mayca Jiménez Durillo] What is happening in Spanish women’s football? : WomensSoccer

  • Professional Women’s Football League (LPFF) starts on September 10th and there is still no calendar, no TV, and no agreement for the quota of non-community players.

  • There is a discomfort of the players with the coach Jorge Vilda.

I analyze the situation, with testimonies included:

We start with the last: Jorge Vilda

What is the position of the players?

There is widespread discontent, but they have not yet taken sides on the matter.

With this ‘problem’ aside, women’s football has three major unresolved fronts in the League:

1- The calendar, pending: the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) announced a calendar draw apart from the official one of the LPFF and the The Higher Sports Council (CSD) suspended both.

2- No TV: The LPFF is working on it, but nothing has been announced yet.

3- The non-community, point of contention: League, unions and RFEF do not reach an agreement.

There are more points of conflict:

  • Agreement: the unions want to start negotiating and the League asks to wait until the start of the competition.

  • Arbitration and relegation: Liga and RFEF do not agree.

What do the parties involved in these matters say? I open speaking time:

Amanda Gutiérrez, president of FutPro, the majority union of the players, in an interview with @relevo:

“The players are fed up, but it is a lie that the RFEF is blackmailing them with the fact that it kicks Vilda out if they take power away from the League or FutPro challenges the calendar.”

The president of the union founded and made up exclusively of female players adds:

“If in the end there is a strike or complaint from the players it will not be because the RFEF asks for it. If we do, we will also complain to the RFEF because this situation is not only the fault of the League.”

Meanwhile, the players are acting in the shadows and advocating for dialogue:

Amanda G.: “We believed that the best way to do it was internally. If it doesn’t work, we won’t wait any longer because we are in a critical situation for the times and we will make a decision.”

From 1 to 10, how tired are the players?

Amanda G.: “An 11 throwing a 12. When we reach 15, the players are going to manifest ourselves in some way. We are having the strength to dialogue…”.

What does Association of Spanish Footballers (AFE) say about this situation?

“It is a lack of respect for the soccer players the inaction when it comes to raffling the calendar. We have asked the employers for a meeting as soon as possible to negotiate the agreement, something a priority for the players, with many points to improve”

The LPFF reported:

“This League is the organizer of the competition, and will direct all its efforts to promote the development of professional women’s football in favor of its clubs and players, without allowing interference or obstacles by third parties.”

For its part, the RFEF has moved to @relevo :

“The RFEF regrets that the LPFF has delayed the publication of the CSD’s resolution on the conflict raised about the development of the draw, having delivered new complementary allegations outside of its initial writing.”

And continues:

“This again delays the resolution of the conflict raised by themselves. It is surprising that they allege urgency for the resolution and request urgent precautionary measures and it is the LPFF itself that, presenting new allegations, delays the resolution of the CSD.”

Everything is now pending the decision of the CSD. Your resolution will be necessary to unlock not only the First Calendar draw, but also the rest of the women’s categories.

But, what is the position of the CSD?

The entity chaired by José Manuel Franco has targeted @relevo :

“The CSD will resolve potential conflicts such as the calendar if they arise, always in a timely manner. We are here for whatever is needed.”

And sentence:

“It is important to ask the parties, the Women’s League and the federation, for all the dialogue so that the league develops in peace and harmony. Our players deserve it.”

Mayca Jiménez Durillo Translated using Google translate.

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