Messi, Beckham or Aubameyang? THIS Footballer’s Signature is the Most Valuable

Messi, Beckham or Aubameyang? THIS Footballer’s Signature is the Most Valuable

Messi, Beckham or Aubameyang? THIS Footballer’s Signature is the Most
Valuable Signed memorabilia by Sergio Aguero on average costs £1,363.71 – the most expensive of all football players David Beckham and Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang follow behind in second and third place with their signatures on average costing £999.99 and £899.99 respectively Messi, Ronaldo and Dele Alli have the least exclusive signatures with each player currently having 281, 230 and 171 listings respectively
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Football fans have long been known for their dedication and willingness to go the extra mile to show their team support. One of the ways they do this is buying memorabilia signed by their favourite players, but which signature do fans have to fork out the most for?

Interested in finding out, scraped and analysed available listings for different football icons from Xavi to Messi to determine which player’s signature could earn fans the most money!


Taking the title of the most expensive football signature of all time is Sergio Aguero, whose signature on average will cost fans a whopping £1,363.71! Known for being Manchester City’s record league goalscorer and fourth on the Premier League all-time top scorers list, it’s no wonder fans are willing to pay a pretty penny for his signature.

Despite retiring in 2013, David Beckham’s signature still clearly holds legendary status as he finds himself in second place. On average fans will be looking to pay just shy of £1,000 (£999.99) to get their hands on his signed merchandise.
Arsenal’s Aubameyang slides into third with his signature costing £899.99 on average. Winner of the 2018-19 Golden Boot and player of the month in September 2019, it’s clear to see the prolific goal scorer has contributed a lot to his team’s success as well as the value of his signature.

The legendary status of George Best continues to live on with many fans seeking signed memorabilia of his, which will cost them £895.99 on average. Described by many as the greatest football player of all time, this could be due to his 1968 Ballon d’Or as well as being crowned the FWA Footballer of the Year in 1967/68, to name a few of his achievements.

The fifth most expensive signature belongs to Salah which found to cost £659.99 on average. With two golden boot wins under his belt, as well as 2017/18 player of the season and 2019/20 Premier League winner, it’s hard to deny that the dynamic Egyptian hasn’t earned his icon status.
Completing the list of the most expensive signatures in football are:

6th: Diego Maradona – £582.07
7th: Lionel Messi – £511.91
8th: Pele – £511.90
9th: Kevin De Bruyne – £504.46
10th: Cristiano Ronaldo – £464.93

In 17th place is Ronaldinho whose signature on average costs fans and collectors £362.40. A former winner of the Ballon d’Or and FIFA World Player of the Years, it’s no surprise the Brazilian playmaker’s signature is valued so highly.
Following behind him in 18th place is Neymar Jr whose impressive skills won him the top scorer accolade three times, as well as Footballer of the Year and 2014/15 Champions League winner. An impressive 111 signed items available online means his signature will cost fans £361.42 on average.
Completing the list of the 20 most expensive signatures is Liverpool goalkeeper Alisson Becker, despite only having seven items available online currently his signature is worth a handsome £337.31!


When looking at their results, also found that some players’ signatures may be harder to come by for fans, making them all the more exclusive. Signatures from iconic players Vinnie Jones and Ryan Bertrand are the hardest to come by with only three listings found for both players.
Also among the more exclusive signatures list is Didier Drogba with eight memorabilia listings currently going and costing fans on average £256.55. One of the players fans may struggle to find memorabilia for is Raheem Sterling who was only found to have nine current listings going, which on average will set fans back a cool £176.66.

On the other hand, found that some are easier to come by than others. It’s a good day to be a fan of Messi as an impressive 281 listings of signed memorabilia were found for the Argentinian magician online.
Following behind in similar footsteps are Cristiano Ronaldo (230), Dele Alli (171), Eden Hazard (122) and Luis Suarez (114).

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