Gary Neville assessed Roy Keane’s last months at the club where he had legendary status and recalled one particular meetingas being ‘horrific’.

Keane, never to mince his words had been interviewed on MUTV following a 4-1 defeat at Middlesbrough back in 2005. Speaking openly the Irishman delivered a scathing assessment of his teammates performances to the clubs with his comments deemed so bad the interview was never aired.

Neville Looked Uncomfortable With Some of Roys comments

Talking at an event in Dublin on Wednesday night, former Manchester United captain Gary Neville told Off The Ball he quickly realised that Keane’s Old Trafford career was all over when the squad were called to a meeting to watch said video.

I’d seen this happen to David Beckham over a period of six to eight months at United,” Neville said.

“With Roy and the manager, there was always a chance that it would come to this.”

The manager came down into the dressing room and the minute he said we needed to watch the video, I just thought that’s it.

“I knew Roy, I knew the manager and I just thought that was it.”

There were things that were said in that room, a moment where you spoke to Carlos, I think you said something to the manager… and there was just no way this was going to carry on,” Neville added.

That meeting was horrific when we watched the video. It’s not funny, honestly, it was horrific.

The watching of the video, then the meeting after that — which was basically Roy, the manager, Carlos — it was horrific.

“For the lads in the dressing room who were at the club 10, 15 years, to see this happening was horrific.

“You couldn’t say anything, you were just thinking, ‘For fuck’s sake.’ You knew that that was it.”

Neville’s View

Speaking openly Neville said that he didn’t actually think that Keane’s comments about the Middlesbrough defeat were too bad, when compared to the criticism that the sharp-tongued Cork man had delivered in the wake of a defeat to Bayern Munich four years previous.

From our point of view as players, we didn’t have a problem,” Neville said.

We’d worked with Roy for 12 years and I think his interview after Bayern Munich [in 2001] was actually worse.”

Keane was to be released from his contract in the November but wouldn’t be freed up to play again till January 2006. He completed his career at Celtic after having12-and-a-half trophy-laden seasons at Old Trafford.

Since his departure he hasn’t spoken to Sir Alex Ferguson and continues his ongoing feud with the legendary Scott.Alex Ferguson and continues his ongoing feud with the legendary Scott.

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