[Official Video] Lays, Pepsi & Gatorade are sponsoring UEFA Women’s Football (CL and Euros) : WomensSoccer

Global food and beverage company PepsiCo had added to its presence in elite European football by sponsoring Uefa’s major women’s club and national team competitions until 2025.

The sponsorships will be activated in support of the Lays/Walkers snack brand, along with the Pepsi/Pepsi Max and Gatorade beverage brands.

And here’s what the Pepsico sports marketing said about the sponsorship.

“Also, I think people are recognising its distinct identity. Of course, football is football, but actually, women’s football is carving out its own identity, one that’s very exciting and has commonalities to the men’s game, but also, it’s got key elements of differentiation versus the men’s game.

“We’re very committed to coming in and playing a role in helping to grow it further.

“As you get closer to women’s football, you really recognise that it has some really distinctive elements to it. It’s got an amazing energy to it, it’s got amazing community spirit to it, amazing cohesiveness to it.

“We bring scale, we’ve got passion, we’ve got energy, we’ve got real commitment and we think we can do our part to help grow the game.

“There’s that bind of us really thinking we can make a difference, but also recognising that it can definitely help our brands and our business going forward.”

When this year’s Women’s Champions League campaign does get underway, it will be doing so for the final time in its current format, with group stages to be introduced for the 2021-22 season.

The reformatting is another move expected to help the game massively and increase the interest in the elite European competition in women’s football.

“I think will really help take it to the next level,” Warner says.

“[The new format] needs to bring attractiveness to the competition, but it also needs to make sure that it’s helping to build the women’s game across a wider geographical footprint. I think the balance is there.”

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