Fans taking part in Sky Bet research measuring their hopes for the coming season voted on the greatest signifiers for the start of the new season
50% of fans said walking to the ground for the first time is the key signifier for the start of the new season

Premier League fans have been taking part in Sky Bet’s Fan Hope Survey, revealing fans’ hopes, dreams and expectations ahead of the 2020/21 Premier League campaign.

With respondents from all 20 Premier League clubs, the survey found that walking to the stadium for the first time topped a list of new season signifiers.

Football in the Covid-19 era looks very different to how it did before, with the absence of handshakes and shared tunnels, and the introduction of face masks and disinfectant at every turn now commonplace in grounds across the country. But undoubtedly the biggest and most difficult change, is the absence of fans in stadiums.

The survey, conducted by leading online betting company Sky Bet, reveals that this may leave a gaping hole for fans as the 2020/21 season gets underway, as half of those surveyed said that walking to the stadium for the first time was the greatest signifier of the excitement of a new season. Hopefully fans won’t have to wait much longer before they are allowed back into grounds, but for the first few games at least, we’ll all be enjoying the new season from our sofas.

Other popular signifiers for Premier League fans included the return of Soccer Saturday to our screens (26%) and meeting up with friends after the summer (25%).

The research was completed by Sky Bet and YouGov as part of The Fan Hope Survey. The research asked fans of each Premier League and Championship club a series of questions about the expectations of the new season.

Fans were asked to rate their hopes for the season on a scale of 1-10 (1= Extremely low; 10= Extremely high).

The full Premier League fan hope rankings can be found below:

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