Markus Rashford defended Tammy Abraham after the latter missed a penalty to hand Liverpool the Super Cup trophy.

The Manchester United striker sent a message of support via twitter to the Chelsea forward after his penalty miss against Liverpool.

Rashford voiced his support to Abraham and said to;

“keep his head held high”

after his penalty miss in the UEFA Super Cup against Liverpool.

The Chelsea striker’s penalty was saved in the shootout in Istanbul as Liverpool won 5-4 on penalties in the Super Cup clash, after the game finished 2-2 after extra time.

Abraham, who took the fifth penalty for Chelsea in the shootout saw his effort saved by Adrian.

Afterwards, Abraham was the subject of racist abuse on social media, with a statement from equality and inclusion organisation Kick It Out describing the reports as

“disgusting and increasingly predictable.”

In a statement, Kick It Out said:

“Last night we received reports of racist abuse directed at Tammy Abraham on social media after Chelsea’s UEFA Super Cup match.

“Such abuse is now increasingly predictable, but no less disgusting.

“We send our support to Tammy and reiterate our calls for Twitter and other social media companies to clamp down on this level of abuse.

“This is a call to action – we want to know what they are gong to do to tackle this insidious problem.”

Abraham, unfortunately is another high profile player that has been singled out for abuse. Coming off the back of the abuse Raheem Sterling suffered last year it identifies more of societies problems that as a nation we have failed to stamp out.

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