Boycott Social Media

It would be a real shame but should footballers come off Twitter and other Social Media platforms?

For many years it has been a way for the average punter to be closer to star names from World football. Bringing people together to engage, get the view of and relate to all players within the game.

Unfortunately, to many players and personalities outside of football are having to deal with abuse online and the racial hatred that has appeared towards Paul Pogba may just be the start of a player boycott.

Speaking today, Phil Neville on the BBChas called for footballers to quit social media to protest against ongoing racist abuse. He also said social media companies need to do more to tackle bullying and abuse online.

French midfielder Paul Pogba, Chelsea striker Tammy Abraham and Reading’s Yakou Meite have all come forward to say they have received racist messages online after their team’s most recent matches (BBC).

Phil Neville

I’ve lost total faith in whoever runs these social media departments, so let’s send a powerful message: come off social media (for) six months. Let’s see the effect it has on these social media companies.”

The marketing and sales side of social media may be the only thing that gets affected by a player boycott as I believe it is a social problem in greater society.

John Barnes has spoken out recently about the problem. The 55-year-old former England international spoke about the rise of racist incidents in football, with campaign group Kick It Out saying there has been a 43 per cent increase in the Premier League. He said he was not surprised by the figures but claimed we need to stop

throwing it all at football’s door, when we have to, as I have always said, tackle it in society and football will follow, not the other way round”.

Manchester United Forward Marcus Rashford has again come to the defence of his team mate and fellow professional. Speaking he said:

Enough now, this needs to stop”, “Manchester United is a family. Paul Pogba is a huge part of that family. You attack him you attack us all”

Football charity Kick It Out,

which aims to tackle racism in football, published a report which showed that racist abuse had increased by 43% last season.

In response to the recent abuse they said:

Without immediate and the strongest possible action these cowardly acts will continue to grow.”

With racism earring it’s ugly head again we are left pondering about what to do?

I would agree with John Barnes said about it being society’s problem and we have never educated the masses enough to stamp it out completely.

John Barnes has been retired for 20 years now.

When Markus Rashford is long retired will we still be debating racial hatred in society? I hope not.


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