Sir Alex made Beckham Shave Head

Sir Alex made Beckham Shave Head

Sky Sports have reported that Sir Alex Ferguson once ordered him to shave his hair before a big match at Wembley.

Beckham, who liked to hide his hair before unveiling it before a game was set to play a Community Shield match against Chelsea at the start of the 2000-01 season.

The former United player, recalled that when Sir Alex saw it he ordered the England captain to shave it off before walking out on to the pitch.

Sky Sports reported that Beckham recalled the moment and said;

“I walked in the changing room and he hadn’t seen it because I was too scared to even show him,”

“I’d gone into training the day before with a beanie on, trained in a beanie, gone back, walked in the

hotel, had a beanie on, had dinner, beanie on, breakfast, beanie on, bus on the way to the stadium – beanie.

(Sir Alex told Beckham to shave hair)

“Then as I got ready for the game I took it off, and he said ‘go and shave it off’. I giggled and he was like ‘no, I’m serious. Go and shave it off’.
“So I had to find a pair of clippers and I shaved it off in Wembley Stadium. Manager always rules.”

To be fair to Beckham, he was a major celebrity at the time and even he showed respect to the manager and the club. He may have fallen out with Sir Alex on many occasions but the former United player always knew who was the boss.

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