SPN Fitness + Wellness Brand Opens Second Studio Despite The Climate

SPN Fitness + Wellness Brand Opens Second Studio Despite The Climate

The second studio in the SPN Lifestyle brand is set to open it’s doors on Saturday 7th November just a stone’s throw away from the station in the popular commuter town of Sevenoaks.

Focussing on their mission of bringing big city fitness and wellness to the suburbs, SPN has created its own unique 360-degree approach to lifestyle, wellness and fitness, inspired by the latest methods from LA, New York and London. It’s California cool, with beachy blonde wooden floors and a living moss wall, with an East London edge and New York flair for trendsetting and creativity.

The new location in Sevenoaks will comprise of multiple studios offering a mix of Barre, Boxing, Pilates, Yoga and Strength classes, as well as a dedicated indoor cycling room reminiscent of a Berlin basement rave with mirrored walls, coloured led lighting and a thunderous sound system playing everything from hard house and techno, to the base-lined beats of Beyonce and Biggie Smalls. Additionally, you will also find a treatment room offering cutting edge therapies such as CBD facials and Sonic sound therapy, a pop-up retail boutique bringing together a curated selection of uber cool, sustainable, International and British activewear, beauty and wellness brands alongside an in-studio café serving as the communities ‘go to’ health food hub.

Despite the climate, the SPN group has grown in strength, adapting the business model to grow an equally strong digital presence, with an immersive online fitness and wellness platform, SPN+, addressing both physical and mental health, alongside the soon to launch RDE club which is set to take on the vast and ever growing indoor cycling market and challenge competitors such as Peloton with highly accessible rates. The group has also laid down impressive plans for an expansive roll-out of 6 more studios over the next two years, benefiting from the shift in workplace fitness to home-based fitness for those looking in and around the area they live to find big city fitness offerings.

SPN is the brainchild of Canadian native, Jaime Cooke, former fashion guru turned fitness entrepreneur who, after a horrific car accident in Ibiza turned to Pilates instead of surgery to help her body heal, after extensive injuries left her bed ridden. Jaime created the Muks boot trend in the 00’s selling to celebrities like Kate Moss, Beyonce and Jennifer Lopez and gained her first stripes in building a successful brand.

Jaime says, “Exercise environments should be non-intimidating and accessible and we have invested a lot of time to get this right at SPN. We want to help our clients make healthy lifestyle choices on their fitness journeys and make positive changes to their body and mind, this is why we focussed on building a brand that’s more than just fitness, it’s a complete wellness space, looking after the body inside and out. We found there was a gap in the market, the amazing fitness and wellness concepts could only really be experienced in the big cities like London and New York and we wanted to bring that same level of quality and ingenuity to our local communities and make it more accessible. With so many more people working from home, we have seen a big rise in new clients over the past two months, so we are really excited to open our doors in Sevenoaks and continue building and growing.”

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