The Complete 2012 London Olympics Women’s Tournament : WomensSoccer

The Complete 2012 London Olympics Women’s Tournament : WomensSoccer

With FIFA posting old world cup matches on youtube, and people asking on reddit for recommendations for older matches to re-watch, I figured I’d post this list of the 2012 London Olympics matches. All but one match is from the official Olympic channel.

Be warned that the youtube titles often contains the final score, so… squint and hit the fullscreen button if you don’t remember the result or have forgotten it and want to go in blind! (Of course, the list spoils who advances in each stage…)

Group E

Great Britain – New Zealand 1
Cameroon – Brazil 1
New Zealand – Brazil
Great Britain – Cameroon
New Zealand – Cameroon
Great Britain – Brazil

Group F

Japan – Canada 2
Sweden – South Africa 2
Japan – Sweden
Canada – South Africa
Japan – South Africa
Canada – Sweden

Group G

USA – France 3
Colombia – North Korea 3
USA – Colombia
France – North Korea
USA – North Korea
France – Colombia


USA – New Zealand
Sweden – France
Great Britain – Canada
Brazil – Japan


USA – Canada 4
France – Japan

3rd place / bronze medal 5

Canada – France
Canada – France

Final / gold medal 5

USA – Japan
USA – Japan

1 Also available as a double-header: Great Britain – New Zealand & Cameroon – Brazil
2 Also available as a double header: Japan – Canada & Sweden – South Africa
3 Also available as a double header: USA – France & Colombia – North Korea
4 The only match not available on the official olympic channel.
5 These appear to be the same, streamed one day after each other.

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