Thoughts on skipping college to play pro women’s soccer : WomensSoccer

Thoughts on skipping college to play pro women’s soccer : WomensSoccer

I had only just learned about this broadcast deal and so I wanted to share it with everyone here, especially as some folks may want to watch new leagues post-Euros and it’ll be a little bit before most leagues kick off for another month or so.

Broadcast details

Long story short WNL, the Irish top-flight, streams all their league matches for free domestically and internationally.

Most matches are through League of Ireland’s streaming service which just requires a free account, and a select handful of matches are broadcast on TG4’s channel (Ireland only) & website (globally).

League info

The WNL is the top flight of women’s football in Ireland, founded in 2011. It’s an amateur league and features no paid players. Due to this many of the top players of the league will leave to play elsewhere, most often in the top two English divisions. There have recently been calls for the league to look into becoming semi-professional, but nothing official has come of that yet. There’s currently no 2nd division and therefore no relegation in Irish women’s football.

Also of note is that quite a few of the players in this league play Gaelic Football in addition to (Association) Football.


The biggest story revolving around the league is that USWNT legend Heather O’Reilly has come out of retirement after three years to play with defending champs Shelbourne United as they attempt to qualify for the Champions League group stage.

Shelbourne won their second ever WNL Championship in 2021 after finishing the previous three seasons as runner up and are currently leading the league once again. Currently Wexford Youths and Athlone Town are in second place and third place respectively with a match in hand, Wexford looking to their record 4 titles and Athlone are looking for their first ever title in their third ever season in WNL.

Relatedly, Sligo Rovers have joined the WNL for their first season and are looking to make their mark on the league,


Athlone Town


Cork City

DLR Waves


Peamount United


Sligo Rovers

Treaty United

Wexford Youths

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