Kieran Trippier, (England International) has swapped life in London for that in Spain and is looking forward to a new challenge in his career as he takes up his new life in Spain.

Kieran spent four years with Spurs and made over 100 appearances for the club until his recent £22 million pound transfer to Atletico Madrid.

Trippier highlighted that “behind-the-scenes” issues at Tottenham contributed to him taking on a new challenge at Atletico Madrid.

The 28-year-old has really propelled himself into the world stage with sound performances for club and a successful World Cup tournament last year. The fact that he was allowed to move on is a surprise but Trippier speaking to Sky Sports said;

“I think it was time for me to change and move on,”

“I don’t necessarily mean that I needed to move on, but things happened behind the scenes at Tottenham, which I don’t really want to go into, but I needed to move on from that.”

Trippier has slotted himself into the Atletico first team with ease and he got his first taste of the big games to come in a pre season derby with arch-rivals Real Madrid in the International Champions Cup.

Diego Simeone’s side won 7-3 winners in that contest and games such as those must have been an incredible lure to the Spanish football league.

Next year Kieran could find himself the very best and have opportunities to play against Messi and Barcelona. This won’t do his England chances any harm as Gareth Southgate will surely respect the move to one of the best leagues in the world.

And the player who starred for England at the 2018 World Cup went on to say about his new team;

“The lads have been unbelievable with me. Since I’ve been through the door they’ve welcomed me with open arms, the coach as well.

“Especially those two – they’ve been brilliant with me, Morata and Costa. They’ve been explaining to me what it means to play for Atletico and what it means to the fans.”


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