USWNT U-20 defeats Mexico to win Concacaf final : WomensSoccer

USWNT U-20 defeats Mexico to win Concacaf final : WomensSoccer

Random clearance as opposed to playing the ball to 2 open teammates leads to Mexico’s opening goal 1 minute later.

Trinity Rodman catches a center pass out of the air and equalizes for the USA.

Nice backheel by the Mexican winger.

This sequence summarizes that I saw out of the Mexican side quite a bit: a lot of running: and very little passing. By contrast, the USA team worked the ball as a team much more often.

Nice footwork by Brianna Pinto.

Katelyn Duong forces the goalkeeper to make a super save!.

Long looping cross on the counter-attack following by Katelyn Duong blistering a knuckle ball at the goal, and Fishel taps it in for the goal.

I don’t understand the goalkeeper’s handling on this: but maybe the ball was swerving wildly?

No marking by the Mexican side forces 1 Mexican to chase 2 USA midfielders who calmly pass the ball between themselves before centering it to Mia Fishel who heads it home.

All the high-press action in the first half and individual play might’ve led to the Mexican’s being tired and lax on defense?

Trinity Rodman deals with foul play and still manages to score

First she fends off one player trying to bump her, then she accelerates past another and then beats the goalie.

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