Why was the WEURO’s successful?

Why was the WEURO’s successful?

In our podcast interview with lionesses+ArsenalWFC writer Adam Salter, we go over aspects that made this WEURO’s so special. How have the lionesses impacted football in England and what does that means going forward? The new eyes brought in were fans you don’t typically see supporting Womens football, which means demand is now through the roof. What should federations and the public do to keep that demand on the rise, and should we expect it to influence club football? Why is it important to have global broadcast pick up every international window and assure the Media is still reporting on it all year round, are some of the many questions we go over. Check it out and share your thoughts!

Why Was the WEURO's so Popular? How has the Game grown? Interview Ft. Adam Salter. And MORE!! https://youtu.be/4N3NqBU0Uag

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