Women’s World Cup 2019: Tough Marines Give Girls a Boost!

Women’s World Cup 2019: Tough Marines Give Girls a Boost!

England women’s football manager Phil Neville has brought in the marines to create a fighting spirit weeks before the World Cup Start.

The Lionesses were put through a series of team-building sessions which is hoped by manager Neville to create some perspective before the tournament kicks off (www.inews,co.uk/sport)

In days gone by female World Cup footballers could not afford a hotel room so bunked down in a gymnasium hall. Things though have changed and now they have been provided with a tent.

Phil Neville hired the Marines to put the Lionesses through their paces and supervised a night under the stars at St George’s Park.

As reported in www.inews,co.uk,

“There were men there who had had their legs blown off, amputees. It was inspiring for us,” said Beth Mead, the Arsenal striker. “We think we are courageous when we are on a football pitch and there are people like that, with half their body missing, getting on with life. It gives us a reality check. When we moan that we have a niggle, or our foot is hurting ‘as I have a bruise’, it put things in perspective. I think it has been good for us.”

Neville seems to have got the measure of the ladies this past year and they seem to be responding to the former Manchester United and Everton’s management style.

They are progressing and doing everything right but the final obstacle will be their performance at the World Cup.


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