Woso re-runs during the downtime : WomensSoccer

Woso re-runs during the downtime : WomensSoccer

I’ve been trying to find who is doing woso re-runs during the downtime, and wondered if anyone’s spotted anyone I missed?

  • FIFA on youtube is doing classic WWC matches, they hold votes on twitter

  • NWSL on twitch is doing classic NWSL matches, first one is this evening, check their twitter for details (all NWSL matches are on youtube/nwslsoccer.com anyway… but twitch re-run is with chat!)

  • FA WSL on facebook is doing classic WSL matches, first one up is this evening, Man City – Arsenal fron 2015

  • Scotland FA on youtube have already had one re-run, Scotland vs Poland, World Cup Qualifier from 2018

  • Glasgow City on youtube is doing classic GCFC matches (UWCL, SWPL)

  • Portland Thorns on thornsfc.com is doing classic Thorns matches (webpage says it’s on TV, their twitter says it’s on their webpage also, all NWSL matches is on youtube/nwslsoccer.com anyways…)

  • Olympique Lyon on OLTV is doing 2019/2020 season at an ungodly hour for europeans (04:00), and did three UWCL finals in the evening european time yesterday. Have not seen their schedule for next week yet. They’ve made OLTV free for the time being, via a seperate website, requires you to register, and I assume it’s only access to the livestream, not the archive of old videos

  • Bayern Munchen on BayernTV have done some 2019/2020 season matches, but they were during the night, and their schedule doesn’t go too far ahead in the future. Might just be part of their normal schedule of re-running “recent” matches.

  • Juventus is offering a 30 day free trial on JuventusTV, they have most of the women’s matches available in their archive

  • Chicago Red Stars on twitch did a re-run with their own thoughts and comments on the 2019 semi final against the Throrns, can be watched here, audio is a bit rough and video quality is not great, but interesting to listen to!

Also, in case you missed it, I posted The complete 2012 London Olympics Women’s Tournament recently, worth checking out if you haven’t watched it.

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